Data Recovery

What to do if the worst has happened – you’ve lost your data. You may have accidentally deleted it? Perhaps your computer isn’t starting up anymore? Maybe someone else has looked at your computer and wiped it to remove a virus? First and foremost:

Stop using it. Turn it off. Leave it off until Data Recovery is complete!

Due to their architecture computers will immediately start to overwrite data that has been marked as deleted. If the hard drive has started to fail you may risk damaging it beyond the limitations of Data Recovery.

I need Data Recovery, what now?

We would collect the Computer or Laptop (Server would remain on site) and take a complete image of the drive in question. This way we eliminate the chances of physical and logical damage to the original data. Then using our tools we set about recovering anything still recoverable onto suitable media. To avoid the perils of Data Recovery it is highly recommended that all users employ some form of Backup Solution.

Imagine if all your company data was gone one day. Could your company survive? Imagine if all those family photos disappeared.

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