Why Managed Antivirus is right for you


Today’s threats are crafty, destructive and deadly – Our Managed Antivirus, based on Bitdefender has repeatedly proven itself through independent testing to be the best performing security software for maximum protection without compromise. Requiring no user interaction, we will keep an eye out for any threats on your computers, managing scans, updates, results and quarantines – meaning you can rest easy.


Proper protection no longer means a slow computer. We have an extensive amount of settings we can tweak to make Security Manager the right choice for your PCs – although it usually performs perfectly using our tried and tested default settings. With separate profiles for Laptops, Desktops and Servers we can make sure your device or devices can benefit from bespoke protection no matter the environment.

Confidence where it counts

We are so confident in our Managed Antivirus’ ability that if you get infected whilst subscribed to a Managed Antivirus package – we will remove all infections for free*. We will always aim to review current security settings to see if there are any tweaks to be made, but more importantly we will give out free advice on how to avoid getting reinfected in the future. Others may supply an antivirus suite and then charge to rectify infections – doing so benefiting from your downtime.

* Repeated reinfections and not following advice may incur additional fees.
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Ready to start investing in uptime?

From one computer to many, we can make virus protection simple and effective.
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Think you may be already infected? Before moving to better protection with our Managed Antivirus we will need to disinfect the malware you’ve already picked up.