reFresh Systems

reFresh is our family of systems that are Lenovo surplus and remanufactured products. All of which undergo strict quality control and a thorough visual inspection. Typically these systems are sourced from surplus stock, customer orders that have been cancelled, supplier demo systems etc. meaning they haven’t even been used unlike traditional refurbished stock.

More value for your money

reFresh systems have the exact same performance, functionality and stability as a brand new retail product. The reFresh mantra is to establish a guarantee, that the same positive experience you would have with a brand new product, carries across to a reFresh system – just at a better price!

Your guarantee of quality

Each system is guaranteed to reach and surpass the high standards set by Lenovo (and of course yourself!). With the combination of quality and service, reFresh also extends the product life cycle. With this in mind, reFresh systems are particularly eco-friendly – avoiding the destruction of high quality products which should have a much longer product lifespan.

Quality and warranty

All reFresh systems will carry a reThink guarantee of quality. The reThink guarantee ensures that all products will carry a quality mark on the packaging.

Each system is tested for errors, defects and physically inspected by approved experts, so the system is categorised accordingly. The reThink program is officially approved by Lenovo.

Systems can be ordered and delivered usually within a few days. Once it has passed our own internal inspections we can carry out additional setup services for you. Have a look at what we can provide on the Services page. We recommend:

  • Data Transfer – get all your documents, music, photos, emails etc. from your old system.
  • Managed Antivirus – protect your new system with cutting edge modern protection.
  • Backup Solutions – protect your data from day one!