System Monitoring

System Monitoring is a great asset when it comes to limiting downtime as it covers all angles when it comes to monitoring system health. Whether it’s your laptop, desktop computer or mission critical server – we can keep an eye on the data that allows us to spot a problem before it escalates or you even notice it! This can be in the form of:

  • Hard Drive health
  • Processor usage
  • Missing updates
  • Temperatures
  • Errors and faults
  • Antivirus Status

And that’s just for starters.

Hard Drive Health 100% - OK
Processor Usage 35% - OK
Updates Complete 70% - Warning
Antivirus 55 Viruses - Alert
System Temperature 55C - Warning

Why would I need System Monitoring?


Think about it this way, especially as a Business. If we can prevent your systems going down, getting damaged or mission critical applications going faulty your ROI for the small fee of system monitoring would be immediate. Why wait for something to break for us then to come and fix it? We are then by definition taking advantage of your downtime. Why not invest in uptime with System Monitoring. Couple this with a Managed Antivirus and a solid Backup Solution and you have a great foundation for hassle free computing.

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