Identifying and Removing Viruses

A few tips to spot malware/viruses:

  • Pop-up adverts and aggressive adverts in webpages
  • Changed settings that won’t change back – such as homepage/search
  • Slow computer – maybe new icons or programs you haven’t seen before
  • Toolbars and programs trying to get you to buy their product.

As you can see in this video made by Google – malware (or many of its other known names) is a common occurrence and has been for quite some time. Methods of infection, behaviour of the malware and prevention have changed but it’s presence is a common “feature” of the internet. There is even more money to be made for malware creators who have created a new payload which actually encrypts and locks your files. It even targets local drives so your backup could also be encrypted. You are then asked to pay a large ransom fee or lose your files forever. Will you get your files back? Who knows.

The only way around it 100% is a Backup Solution immune to the crypto family.

Virus Removal Service

Don’t stand for viruses and malware running amok on your system. Not only can they slow your PC or laptop to a halt, but also pose a serious security risk to your data and privacy! At Fresh PCs we are competent enough to identify threats based on behaviour and prior experience – but we are also constantly keeping up to date with the latest threats to best understand how to control, remove and protect against them.

Two scenarios may exist where proper experience and care is not exercised:

  • The infected system may be unnecessarily “wiped” in order to remove the virus. Unfortunately this often means all data is wiped, an illegal copy of Windows may be used to reinstall (often containing hidden viruses and needlessly illegal), along leaving the freshly installed operating system unusable (lack of drivers, applications and user data).
  • The virus may appear to be removed, but in reality others may exist, it may be hidden as a “rootkit” or posed to strike again once returned to the customer.

Why choose us? Well as part of every virus removal Fresh PCs:

  • Takes a full backup of data before commencing work.
  • Uses many years of technical experience and the latest documentation to identify malicious activity.
  • Uses a multi-stage process of removal using the industry’s latest best practices.
  • Guarantees removal and recommendations to prevent reinfection.
  • Only recommends a system re-installation where appropriate (where operating system has been too badly damaged or where more economically viable to backup data, wipe and restore data).

We do not recommend free antivirus systems as their effectiveness and reliability are questionable. We supply a Managed Antivirus solution where we can maintain, monitor and fully manage the running of it. This is a very cost effective way of ensuring that all your devices are covered without the need of user interaction. Home user? No problem – we can look after you too.